Sunday Night Football Best Bets: Bears @ Packers

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Previewing Sunday Night Football

All summer long, we waited for football to come back, poring over last season’s stats, players, drafts, and whatever else we think will give us an edge. Then week 1 happens and all that goes in the garbage. Welcome to Week 2 – AKA: overreaction week!

Game Preview:

For Sunday Night Football this week we have a battle as old as time, the Bears travel to Lambeau Field to take on the Packers. The Bears come into this game on top of the world. They opened their season shocking the world by beating the 49ers 19-10. The Packers come into this game having stumbled a little out of the gate, much like last year’s season opener against the Saints, losing 23-7 to the Vikings. However those results seem to have little impact on this game as the Packers are massive favorites at home. The Packers fears at receiver seem to have come to fruition as Christian Watson dropped an opening play bomb that would’ve set the tone for the rest of the game, and the rest of the Packers receiving core looked uninspiring to say the least. The Bears on the other hand were able to come back from 10-0 against the 49ers, scoring 19 unanswered second half points. It’s hard to gleam a lot from that game as there was a literal monsoon in the 2nd half.


Packers -10 (-110)

While it is an incredibly chalky pick history is on our side, just take a look at all the numbers on our side.

  • Rodgers at home: 65-34-6 ATS (66%)
  • Rodgers as a home favorite: 60-33-3 ATS (65%)
  • Rodgers at home in primetime: 22-10-1 ATS (69%)
  • Rodgers as a division favorite: 42-24 ATS (64%)
  • Rodgers after a loss: 39-21-1 ATS (64%)
  • Rodgers against the Bears: 20-7 ATS (74%)

I like this as a bounce back spot for the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. Pick a trend, andytrend, and it’ll tell you to back Rodgers and the Packers to get right at home against the Bears. Chicago won Sunday but don’t be fooled, this team is not good. They had 73 yards in 40 minutes before a literal monsoon descended on the field turning Soldier Field into a grassy puddle. This is also a good buy low spot for the Packers, the game against the Vikings was much closer than the final score would indicate. They had a dropped 75-yard touchdown on their first play from scrimmage and got stuffed on 4th and goal. Besides, it’s the Packers and the Bear and we’ve seen this movie a thousand times. While the Bears might be better than I expected this year, the Packers are still a Super Bowl level roster with a QB at the height of his powers. R-E-L-A-X Greenbay everything is going to be alright.