Previewing Monday Night Football Week 8: Bengals at Browns

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Monday Night Football Week 8: Bengals at Browns

I’m sick of seeing bad matchups in primetime windows, the 2-4 Bears are at the 3-3 Patriots for Monday Night Football a true battle of mid. I think the Bears are the worst team in the league and probably couldn’t name 5 players on their roster without Google, I don’t think the Patriots are much better. The only interesting question going into this game is which QB will start for the Pats. Starting QB Michael McCorkle “Mac” Jones has been sidelined with a high ankle sprain for the last three weeks and filling in for him has been 4th round rookie Baily Zappe. Let’s get into it.

Team Breakdowns:

Chicago Bears

The Bears are… bad, like really really bad. They started the season miraculously 2-1 and have dropped their last three games to take them down to 2-4 and in contention for number 1 overall pick in the 2023 draft. They have the worst skill position players in the league, a bottom 5 offensive line and have scored the fewest points in the league (granted they haven’t played yet this week). They’re in a bad spot, Justin Fields doesn’t look like he can handle the speed of the NFL. This is a team in desperate need of a full reset, the roster is void of talent at basically every position. Going into the year I thought they were a contender for worst record in the league and while they aren’t currently that bad they certainly have the potential to be.

New England Patriots

I might be biased since I’m a Jets fan but I don’t think the Patriots are much better either. I think what they’ve been doing with Bailey Zappe the last few weeks has been cute, BUT I don’t think this team is doing much in terms of AFC contention this season. It looks like Mac Jones is going to come back from injury tonight and will start and while he’s a starter level QB I don’t think he’s the kind of QB that you want to hitch your wagon to long term. The Pats may be 3-3 but I don’t think they’re much better than the Bears if I’m being honest.

This is the only thing I could bring myself to bet, these teams are not good and this matchup is not good and this game won’t be good and I probably won’t even watch it. I do not expect a ton of points to be scored in this game, both defenses are solid and I don’t like either offensive unit. Expect this to be an ugly ball control type of game with drives that stall out and end in field goals. Not exactly hard hitting analysis but it’s the only side I like in this ugly matchup.

Pick: Under 40 (-115)