Previewing Sunday Night Football: Chiefs at Chargers

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Sunday Night Football Week 11: Dolphins at Chargers

We’re in the home stretch of the NFL regular season and the stakes are being raised week after week. With only 4 weeks left after this the margin for error for teams is incredibly smaller and smaller, and for this matchup we have two teams that really can’t afford to stumble tonight. The 8-4 Miami Dolphins will be in Los Angeles tonight to take
on the 6-6 Chargers. The Dolphins are good, scary good. If you put them in a different division they’d honestly probably be leading it, the AFC East is just so tough this year.
They’re still battling the Jets who are right behind them and have the tiebreaker right now and the Bills who they have the tiebreaker over right now but the Bills have a better
overall record. The offense is legit and the defense is respectable, the only things that can derail this team are injuries and Tua’s limitations which have been hidden well so
far, however he still underthrows every deep ball. The Chargers on the other hand have the opposite problem, their entire team stinks excerpt for their QB. They came into the
season with the best roster in the NFL according to multiple outlets and as we reach the end of the season it’s become clear that is not true. To be fair to them though they have had cluster injuries at every position group, even Justin Herbert still talks about how his ribs move when he gets tackled. The WR core might be the slowest in the league and even Keenan Allen is losing the battle against father time. The Offensive line has been decent even with replacements, but the defense is maybe the worst in the last 50 years. Brandon Staley is a brilliant defensive mind but I still have questions about his chops as a head coach and don’t even get me started on sleepy Joe Lombardi at OC.

Pick: Chargers +3.5 (-115)
I don’t like it and it doesn’t feel good but this really is the last gasp for the Chargers. If they win this game they odds to make the playoffs are about 50/50 and if they lose this
game their odds plummet. I want to see Justin Herbert in the playoffs so I have no choice but to hold my nose and take the 3.5. Justin Herbert will find a way to win this
game for the Chargers, he will put up a herculean effort and win this game by himself and quiet the notion that he’s a “social media qb” whatever that means @Emmanual
Ancho. I will not be able to live with the “Tua is better than Herbert” discourse if the Dolphins win this game. I can’t explain with logic how the Chargers are going to win this
game, but the NFL is weird and every week there are major upsets. I don’t think this will qualify as a major upset but the Dolphins are better than the Chargers, I just think the
Chargers find a way to win and keep their season alive.