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Who says no to making extra money? Absolutely no one! Below you can see how I have been doing this for almost a year now!

The “House” always wins has been the unspoken truth since gambling was legalized in Nevada back in the 1930s. Well, here I am, ten decades later, to tell you that this isn’t true anymore! You can now make extra money gambling! The addition of online casinos in the great state of New Jersey has lead to an all out battle between casinos to reel in customers. Casinos are unable to separate themselves by offering the best in-person perks any more. All they can do is offer promotions that will draw you to their site. These promotions, if gambled correctly and responsibly, give us the “Visitors” an edge on the “House” for the first time in almost 100 years!

With 20+ online casinos offering deposit match signup bonuses, I knew there was money to be made! I took full advantage of the edge given and profited over $8000.00 by signing up to each online casino in NJ! Some offers are better than offers based on wager requirements and such, so check out here for the best ones!

I was sad once I wagered my way through all of those signup bonuses. The edge was no longer there! I started to hate gambling when knowing that no matter what I was going to lose money over time. However, it become clear to me that we could still hold the edge! Not only are online casinos offering the signup bonus to reel in customers, but they offer daily promos as well. As I started to look into it more I realized that I could make a few extra dollars a day by utilizing the daily promotions. However, with 20+ online casinos, a few bucks at each adds up quickly! If we average two dollars per casino we make an impressive $14,560 of extra money per year!

So let me ask this question again, who says no to 14 thousand dollars of extra money a year?! No one! So, join me on this journey of holding the edge and stealing money from the “House”! I stream daily on Twitch at Playonlinebets and I send out my favorite promo each day on Twitter @PlayOnlineBets!

Here are my current totals so far! (Totals are current as of previous day)

Daily Promos from December 15th, 2022

It was a slow day today! We lost money on two promos, broke even on one promo, and won 2 dollars on one. We have three more pending, so we will see how we end up overall, but right now we down 10 dollars for the day.

Barstool Casino: Blackjack Bonus

Description of Promo: Players will receive $10 casino bonus cash for every Blackjack hit on Barstool Blackjack, up to $50.

Wager Requirement: 5x

The Math: It is impossible to get the exact expected return since we cant predict how long it will take to get 5 blackjacks, but we do know the math is in our favor!

Outcome: I played basic Blackjack strategy and bet one dollar per hand until I got five Blackjacks and my 50 dollar bonus. I lost $2 while attempting to get the five Blackjacks. Barstool is notoriously slow with rewarding promo bonuses, so I haven’t been able to complete the 5x wagering requirement.  

Promo Grade: A

Hard Rock: Top Up Thursday

Description of Promo: Get a 25% match on your deposit, up to $50 Casino Bonus dollars. Deposit 200 dollars for max bonus. This promo is available from 5PM-8PM

Wager Requirement: 15x

The Math: The expected return of a 50 dollar bonus with a 15x wager requirement should return $20.00 on a slot machine with a 96% RTP. 

Outcome:  Wish me luck.

Promo Grade: B

Mohegan Sun: Free Spin Thursday!

Description of Promo: Deposit $25.00 and get 25 free 0.25c spins on Chocolates.

Wager Requirement: 5x

The Math: N/A

Outcome: I only won 49 cents during my free spins so I will not try to match the wager requirements.

Promo Grade: B

Party Casino: Free Spin Thursday

Description of Promo: Players will earn 5 Free Spins on Finn and the Swirly Spin for every $10 deposited on their first single deposit after opt in, up to a maximum 100 Free Spins. There is a 10x Wager Requirement on money won from Free Spins. To earn max spins, a player must deposit $200 dollars.

Wager Requirement: 10

The Math: The expected return of $4.50 bonus with a 10x wager requirement should return $2.70.

Outcome: Pretty much as expected! We won 2 dollars. 

Promo Grade: B+

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UniBet: Game Of The Week

Description of Promo: Wager 50 Dollars on Slingo Deadliest Catch and get 20 free spins on Jian Jao Slots

Wager Requirement: 50 dollars. All money won on free spins is cash

The Math: The expected return of 50 dollars on a slot with 96% RTP is 48 dollars. The expected return of 4 dollars (20 spins at 20 cents) on Jian Jao is 3.84. We should profit $1.84.

Outcome: We lost! Down 8 dollars!

Promo Grade: D. Not a good promo. Avoid!


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WilliamHill: Prime Time Reload

Description of Promo: Between 9PM – 11PM EST deposit 50 dollars and receive a 20 dollar bonus. Use code FOOTBALL20.

Wager Requirement: 10x

The Math: The expected return of a 20 dollar bonus with a 10x wager requirement should return $12.00 on a slot machine with a 96% RTP. 

Outcome: I have not been able to complete this since the promo does not start until 9PM, but if the math holds true, I should profit around 12 dollars.

Promo Grade: A-

Caesars Casino: $5 FREE CASINO BONUS

Description of Promo: Get 5 free dollars!

Wager Requirement: 4x

The Math: The expected return of a 5 dollar bonus with a 4x wager requirement should return $4.80 on a slot machine with a 96% RTP. 

Outcome: Awful, awful, awful! Lost 4 dollars which means we hit at a 55% RTP.

Promo Grade: C+. Not enough spins are needed to get a true RTP which makes this a risky one.