How to bet on Jimmy Butler, Donovan Mitchell, Luka Donic, and the Rest of the NBA!

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Best NBA Bets for Tuesday January 10th

We have a very solid seven game slate tonight in the NBA featuring some very solid matchups for the league. This has been one of the most interesting seasons I’ve ever followed, there’s not really an overwhelming favorite in the league right now except for possibly Denver. Outside of them there’s a lot of equality in the league. The five through ten seed in the west are separated by 2 games, with two teams tied for the top seed in the west. There are about 5 teams that are separating themselves from the rest of the league right now, Denver, Memphis, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Brooklyn, Boston. Those teams are separating from the rest of the league and if I had to guess the championship winner will come from that group. The league is in a good spot right now and it’s been a really good season with all the individual scoring performances. Let’s get into my best bets for tonight’s slate.

Thunder at Heat

The Heat seem to be punting this game altogether with four starters out (Adebayo, Herro, Lowry, Martin). Jimmy Butler will be playing but he’s been in and out of the lineup this season and has been a little less than his usual self. There’s a possibility Jimmy could be sitting this one out by tipoff so I’ll jump on the +2 right now. The Thunder have been a lot better than I thought they’d be (they haven’t started tanking yet) and have the best player in this game in SGA. I expect the Thunder to win outright but we’ll take the +2 just to be safe.

Pick: Thunder +2 (-110)

Cavaliers at Jazz

Donovan Mitchell returns back to Utah for the first time since being traded away from the Jazz. Utah has turned into what they were supposed to be the whole time: Bad. They’ve lost seven of eight and will be missing Collin Sexton and Kelly Olynyk as well as Talen Horton Tucker. The Cavs are healthier and better although they have struggled more on the road. I don’t think Donovan Mitchell lets the Cavs lose this game. I think I’ll be taking the over on whatever point prop totals he has as he’ll want to put on a show for the team that traded him away, I mean he just score 71 last week so maybe he’ll go for 80 today.

Pick: Cavaliers moneyline -165

Mavericks at Clippers

The Clippers are the most confounding team in the league. They have a great roster, great coach, and great start players(when healthy) yet they’ve lost six straight and are just 3-7 in their last 10 games. They showed so much promise only a couple of weeks ago but that seems to have disappeared now. Kawhi and Paul George are in and out of the lineup at random it seems and they just haven’t come together like I thought they would. I think Luka plays in this game and he has given the Clippers fits every time they’ve played and this game will be no exception.

Pick: Mavericks +1.5 (-110)