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Best NBA Bets for Tueday April 11th

Alright the regular season is over and the play in games are here. We have two games on the slate, first on the schedule the Hawks are in Miami to take on the Heat. The second game features the Timberwolves in La to take on the Lakers. These should be some excellent games between teams that truly believe they have a shot at making noise in the playoffs, let’s get into it.

Hawks at Heat

Pick: Heat Moneyline -210

It’s pricey but I have a hard time seeing the Hawks beating Miami in Miami. People don’t want to admit it but this Heat team can be dangerous, sure they have an aging roster and have trouble scoring the ball, but what they lack in overall talent they make up for in experience. This team is dangerous and will be heard from. Even if the Hawks have a lead late the Heat will start doing their nonsense, Bam Adebayo makes a 22 footer, they’ll get a stop on defense, Tyler Herro hits a wide open 3 in transition, get another stop. Jimmy Butler charges into like 3 guys in the paint, gets the bucket and 1 and suddenly you’re losing and you don’t know what happened. This feels like a 1-2-3 Cancun game for the Hawks, Trae Young is apparently on the trade block now and while I love Quinn Snyder as a coach I don’t think his impact will be felt until next season. Heat to win at home and secure the 7th seed.

Timberwolves at Lakers

Pick: Lakers -8.5

The Timberwolves are a dumpster fire right now. Rudy Gobert punching Kyler Anderson on Sunday was a point of no return for this team. Gobert actually won’t even be available for this game since he’ll be suspended for punching Anderson. Jaden Mcdaniels is out for this game after breaking his hand punching a wall, and also KAT is apparently questionable for this game with some kind of leg injury. It’s just wrong place wrong time wrong everything for the Wolves against a Lakers team that’s probably better than them even at full strength. I would be compelled by the emotional aspect of the Wolves if they had more bodies but they just don’t have enough to compete with the Lakers right now. I love Anthony Edwards and he can erupt at any time but it’s really just bad timing. The Lakers have the best record in the west since the trade deadline and lost of that was without LeBron James. Anthony Davis is playing like a top 5 player right now, D’angelo Russell is playing well, Austin Reaves looks like James Harden, and with a compliment of good role players this Lakers team can be a legit threat to win multiple playoff series. The Wolves need to light some sage and pray to whatever god cursed their franchise.