Prime Sports Launches in New Jersey

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Last month, on March 29th, a new sports book entered the New Jersey online gaming market. The new sportsbook, Prime Sportsbook, had a soft launch on March 31st and two more soft play days on Monday, April 1st, and Tuesday, April 2nd. The new sportsbook claims to be an American-style sportsbook.

As part of its marketing promotions, leading up to lunch, Prime Sports went a different route than most other books in the legal gaming market. No celebrities were featured on TV using their sportsbook, or even social media for that matter. You won’t find ads on Instagram with Drake winning crazy amounts of money or any other celebrity. Prime has apparently spent zero dollars so far in marketing. Despite that, the brand is still generating a promising handle month to month. 

The sportsbook also does not offer any crazy promotions to lure in new customers. According to the two founders, Adam Bjorn and Joe Brennan, who began the sportsbook, the goal was to create an old-school legal sportsbook without the thrills and unnecessary distractions. 

Adam Bjorn, industry expert and COO of Prime Sports said, “It’s just simple, basic, old-school bookmaking.” Bjorn comes to Prime after working for two years at offshore bookies, The Greek and BetCRIS. 

The two business partners believed they tapped into a niche section of the market that has since been waiting for an operator to fill. At most online sportsbooks, the operator will just refuse service to individuals who are determined to be winning too often. Legal sportsbooks will also limit the maximum wagers that those individuals can place per game, sometimes even down to just dollars and cents. Prime Sports believes it offers players a solution. Instead of using offshore sportsbooks to wager, requiring players to usually use volatile cryptocurrency, players of all skill levels, from professionals to first-time users, can enjoy access to Prime Sports without the fear of losing access just because they might win big. 

That’s not the only thing Prime Sportsbooks has going for them, however. The company also prides itself on industry-leading customer support, fast, multiple payout options, and traditional, side, totals, and half betting. Due to its simplistic nature, you will find far less same-game parlays and exotic offerings on the site. More parlays and unique offerings aren’t out of the question in the future, however, according to Prime.

“We don’t have to take players away from DraftKigs or FanDuel or Fanatics or BetMGM or Caesars,” said Prime executive chair Joe Brennan Jr. “Our opportunity is enticing players away from those unregulated markets, away from the street, away from offshore, and into our regulated shop.” 

Prime Sports, unlike many other sports markets, will not adjust their lines based on what other books are doing across the country. Instead, Prime Sports will offer a price, take bets, and then based on those bets move the line and go from there. Many other books in the US-regulated sports betting market will adjust the line based on the movement of another operator. 

“I was seeing what such a bad job these operators were doing in the US,” said Bjorn. “For every dollar that goes on these reports from (US) regulators, I believe there’s a dollar or two dollars left on the table, or under the table, because there’s just not real bookmakers in the country.”

One famous US Sports bettor, who goes by the name Spanky, recently placed the first wager on the app in New Jersey. Spanky recorded him placing his wager and shared it through X social media platform. In the video, the professional sports bettor detailed how he has been banned and/or had his max wager amounts greatly reduced at every sportsbook in the state. It’s understandable why Spanky and thousands of others may be making the switch to Prime Sports very soon! 

Prime Sports is live in Ohio and New Jersey, with plans to launch in Kentucky soon!