New Jersey Gaming Revenue Reaches New Heights

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The State of New Jersey released revenue numbers for March 2024 for casino gaming, iGaming, and sports wagering. According to figures released by the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), the state’s online casino operators generated $197.2 million in revenue. The figure translates to a 19% increase compared with March 2023’s revenue performance of $165.7 million. Internet gaming between January and March in the state of New Jersey has generated a total revenue of $562.8 million reflecting a 22% increase compared to the $461.2 million generated last January through March. 

Retail Gaming

In-person retail casino operations were up 4.9% year over year compared with March 2023. For the month of March 2024, retail casino gaming brought in $239.8 million.  Year to date, retail casinos have generated $656.1 million. According to the division of gaming enforcement in the office of the Attorney General of New Jersey, year-to-date casino revenue has increased just .1%, from the same time last year. 

Sports Wagering

Sports wagering operators in retail casinos, race tracks, and their partners generated $89.7 million in March 2024. This figure reflects a 3.6% decrease compared to the $93 million generated last March. From January to March sports wagering operators gross revenue totaled $328 million which translates to a 49.1% increase compared to the same period in 2023.

Total Gaming Revenue

The total gaming revenue, including retail casino gaming, internet casino gaming, race track wagering, and retail and online sports wagering, reached $526.6 million for March 2024. This is up 8.1% from March 2023’s performance of $487.4 million. From January to March total gaming revenue reported was $1.55 billion, a 15.7% increase from the $1.34 billion generated last January through March.

Below is a compiled comparison for the month of March 2024 comparing figures with March 2023:

Below is a compiled chart, showing the year-to-date comparison of gaming revenue: