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About Cash-O-Matic

American Roulette gives YOU the competitive edge! Offering an all-new intuitive design, a dynamic billboard, and exciting voice announcements, you will want to return to the tables again and again. Plus, bold colors and a sleek table design will provide you with hours of awesome roulette thrills. Sitting at the tables has never been more fun!

Game Features


The numbers on the racetrack represent the sequence of numbers on the roulette wheel.
Players can use the racetrack to place straight bets and neighbor bets.
Racetrack bets are placed by clicking a specific number or special bet pattern in the racetrack and the numbers associated with the selected bets are highlighted on the table.


American Roulette also features a billboard that displays statistical information.

Wheel statistics: This section of the panel displays the distribution of the winning numbers for the last 500 rounds.

Hot and cold numbers: This section displays the 4 most drawn numbers in the last 500 spins.
The second row shows how many times the hot numbers were drawn in the last 500 spins.

Bar charts: This section of the panel lists Red/Black and Even/Odd bets and displays the percentage of game rounds that ended with either result, including 0 or 00.

Favorite Bets

The FAVORITE BETS panel is displayed when players click the favorite bets button in the keypad area.
The FAVORITE BETS panel allows players to save bets of any configuration and place them automatically.
To place a favorite bet, a player needs to open the FAVORITE BETS panel and select a bet from the saved list.
On selecting the bet, all chips are automatically placed on the table.

Maximum Bets

Straight: 100
Split: 200
Street: 300
Corner: 400
Top Line: 500
Six Line: 600
Column: 1,200
Dozen: 1,200
Red/Black: 2,000
Even/Odd: 2,000
1-18/19-36: 2,000
Table Maximum: 5,000


  • Free Spins
  • Free Chips
  • Exclusive game offers
  • Exclusive welcome bonuses