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E-sports are quickly becoming one of the most watched forms of entertainment today. Tens of thousands of people tune in to see the big matchups, and the best players duke it out to secure their spot as legends of the game. 

With the rise of e-sports in the public consciousness has come the rise of gambling on e-sports. So how do you bet on e-sports online in New Jersey, and what are the best e-sports to gamble on? We will explain all those questions and more so you can confidently bet on your favorite games. 

What Are E-Sports and Who Plays Them? 

Before we delve into gambling on them, we should probably establish what e-sports are and what sets these games and competitions apart from regular gaming. 

While competitive video games have existed since Pong, there were no regularly scheduled tournaments or competitive bodies in the early days of gaming. At the height of the popularity of arcades, many players vied to reach a high score and set the world record, but these quests to set world records are not like the e-sports we have today and are closer to speed runs.

The true genesis of e-sports came in the 1990s with the proliferation of home computers. More people were exploring video games on the PC and began using the Internet. The influence of the Internet paved the way for players to compete with their friends in games like DOOM and Quake.

E-sports historians consider StarCraft: Brood War the first major e-sport, and South Korea still holds regular competitions for the game to this day. The explosion of popularity of StarCraft in East Asia helped get the ball rolling on more e-sports getting off the ground. 

Today, e-sports are a diverse ecosystem with many genres of games. Though competitive base-building games like StarCraft or WarCraft dominated the early days of the scene, today there are shooters, racing games, and sports simulation games to name a few. 

As more people have begun to watch e-sports, more money has poured into the scene. Today, winners take home purses unimaginable to players in the early days of e-sports. 

E-sports can be team-based or one-on-one encounters. There is no central governing body of e-sports, but each game is handled by a separate entity. 

So, what separates e-sports from casual gaming? E-sports players spend hours each day training and practicing their craft. Players always play in a competitive atmosphere, and there are no single-player e-sports. While there are many amateur e-sports players today, the most watched games all come from professional gamers. 

If you are a more casual gamer, the easiest way to make money off of the constantly growing e-sports scene is with wagers on the games. 

Where Can I Watch E-Sports Competitions?

Companies most commonly broadcast e-sports events on Twitch. Some competitions make it to cable TV, and ESPN occasionally broadcasts some of the bigger events. 

By and large, Twitch is the home of most e-sports content. VODs, or videos on demand, often surface on YouTube after the competition concludes. You can always keep up to date on who won thanks to VODs. 

Can You Bet on E-Sports in New Jersey?

E-sports betting is still in its infancy in the Garden State. E-sports were not part of the 2018 law that allowed casinos to provide online sportsbooks for those in New Jersey. Noticing the omission, many advocates for e-sports betting took to talking to the Division of Gaming Enforcement to legalize e-sports betting.

The DGE allowed the first wagers on e-sports during the League of Legends World Championship. There were catches in place, however, such as a maximum bet of only $1,000 and no live e-sports betting. 

The trial run was a success, and the legislature has loosened restrictions on e-sports betting. There is not much action on e-sports today, but fans are hoping to see more sportsbooks offering e-sports betting odds soon. 

In short: e-sports betting is legal in New Jersey. Finding a place to wager on tournaments is the tricky part. 

Where To Do E-Sports Betting

The first site that offered e-sports betting was, but the site ceased operation in November of 2022 citing financial issues. 

DraftKings appears to be at the forefront of e-sports betting in the state and is attempting to lead the way. Though it is best known for its traditional sportsbook and daily fantasy games, DraftKings has had a long history with e-sports.

DraftKings runs daily fantasy for e-sports in addition to more traditional sports. Daily fantasy allows you to pick players or teams and compete to score the most points. Unlike traditional fantasy sports where you control a squad for an entire season, your team goes away after a set period. You can then put together another team with no connection to the previous one.

Bet365 is also leading the way in e-sports betting. You can make wagers on some of the biggest games in the world including Valorant, League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Call of Duty through Bet365. 

As time goes on, more sportsbooks will begin offering e-sports betting odds. The e-sports market is constantly growing, and all traditional sportsbooks want a piece of the action. 

What Are the Best E-Sports To Bet On?

Now that you know a brief history and definition of e-sports and the legality of gambling on them in New Jersey, we can look at some of the biggest games played today. While the scene is vibrant with many games, some competitions are bigger and drive more betting action than others. 

League of Legends

League of Legends has been a top name in e-sports for over 10 years now and shows little sign of waning in popularity. The game is a free-to-play MOBA, or multiplayer online battle arena, video game. 

A game of League of Legends consists of two teams of five battling it out to break down the enemy’s defenses and capture the Nexus to win the game. Players control one of many champions who each bring unique skills and flavor to the matchups. 

Since its inception in 2009, League of Legends has been popular both with competitive e-sports players and casual gamers. The game is frequently one of the most played on Twitch, and it remains a staple for streamers and gamers alike. 

League of Legends is not just popular for a video game, but also popular compared to traditional sports. More people watched the League of Legends world championships than watched the NBA Finals or the World Series in 2014. And the popularity has continued to grow in the intervening years. 

If you want to bet on the biggest e-sport in the world, League of Legends is still the top dog. 


DOTA 2 came out a few years after League of Legends and follows a similar gameplay formula. Two teams of five work to break through the opposing team’s bulwark and secure a victory. While DOTA 2 is not as popular as League of Legends, it is still one of the biggest fish concerning e-sports. 

DOTA 2 boasts a more complex gameplay loop compared to League of Legends. Concepts are less streamlined in DOTA 2, giving players more avenues to customize and deal with problems. Regardless of which game you prefer, the action is exciting, and the games create must-watch television.

The prize pool for the world championships of DOTA 2 is eye-popping. The 2021 tournament featured a prize pool of over $40 million. The best players in the world take home incredibly lucrative purses in DOTA 2. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a game we often shorten to CS: GO, is the last of the big three games with League of Legends and DOTA 2. Counter-Strike is much different from those other games, however, as it is a team-based first-person shooter. 

Global Offensive is a sequel to the original Counter-Strike from the 1990s. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been a mainstay in the competitive gaming scene since its release, and is popular both in America and abroad.

The objective in Counter-Strike is simple: one team is defending a set of sites while the other team is attacking and needs to either wipe out the enemy or plant a bomb to destroy the site. 

If you die in a round you do not respawn until the next round, adding tension to every gunfight. Damage is realistic, and one headshot can end a player’s round before they even know what hit them. 

If you like a lot of action and high-intensity situations, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may be the game for you to gamble on.

Rocket League

Rocket League is a relative newcomer to the world of e-sports but is a fan favorite. The game sees a team of players control cars and play soccer with them. It is deceptively simple, but at the highest levels, Rocket League becomes a game different from any other sports game. 

Rocket League players typically compete as a team, though some solo competitions pop up occasionally. Since Rocket League is simple to play and understand, it draws a big audience.

If you want to play an e-sports game but are not a skilled gamer, Rocket League may be the perfect choice for you to get started. Since the game has similar rules to soccer, experienced sports gamblers will be able to jump right in and understand the odds. 

StarCraft II

StarCraft: Brood War remains popular in South Korea and still eclipses the popularity of the sequel. But StarCraft II still retains some popularity in America and is one of the best e-sports to watch.

StarCraft II features two players building a base and attempting to destroy their opponent. The game is one of the most physically demanding e-sports, with the best players making over 300 actions per minute. 

StarCraft II is the perfect game to gamble on if you like high-intensity games played at superhuman levels. 

Sports Games

Sports betting has never been bigger in the country, so it should be no surprise that sports games are popular e-sports betting targets. Betting on sports games is much like traditional sports betting with spreads and over-under bets.

The most popular sports game for e-sports competition is FIFA, with NBA 2K close behind. Madden NFL Football is another popular choice for e-sports players. Other popular sports simulation games include eNASCAR and NHL. 

If you enjoy traditional sports or understand betting odds through sportsbooks, you should look into wagering on sports simulation games. 

E-Sports Betting Tips

Now that you know some of the biggest titles to gamble on, we will provide a few tips to help you get started making your first wagers on e-sports.

Only gamble what you can afford to lose. There is no such thing as a sure-fire bet, and you should never bet your entire bankroll on a single wager. Something unexpected can happen, and you can clean out your pockets before you know it if you do not set limits.

Do your research before making a wager. Always check historical and recent trends to try and get an advantage. E-sports betting is new, and casinos do not have the same investigative resources they have with traditional sports. 

While you may be able to get better odds than with other offerings on a sportsbook, you will still need to research to get an edge. 

Only use verifiable sources when doing research. Do not believe every rumor you read on social media.

Despite the slim offerings from sportsbooks in New Jersey currently, you should shop around for better odds or deals before making a wager. If you want to bet on e-sports, make sure you check which site will give you the best odds before putting any money down. 

Only bet on an e-sport you know a lot about. Making huge wagers on something you only have a passing knowledge of is a quick way to lose money.

Conclusion: Bet on E-Sports Online in New Jersey

As e-sports continue to increase in popularity across the country, more sportsbooks will begin offering action on the competitions. Though the offerings are slim at the moment, more sportsbooks are preparing to get a piece of the pie and add e-sports betting to the menu.

If you love e-sports and want to make the games more exciting, consider following the links and placing a wager on your favorite events and players.