Bet On MMA Matches Online in New Jersey

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Atlantic City has dozens of excellent casinos, but if you live in another area of New Jersey, you might wonder how you can bet on MMA matches. Online betting is now legal in New Jersey, so you can create accounts on various online sportsbooks to play the odds and win money on MMA fights.

What MMA Bets Can I Place?

It’s easy to follow sports betting for games with teams and points because there are straightforward bets to make, such as: 

  • Total points scored in a game
  • Points scored by each team
  • Points scored according to player

You can also predict the winner of the game. Other variables come into play for MMA bets, though you can still select the fight’s winner.


Moneyline bets are the simplest way to interact with an MMA match, and all you need to do is predict who will win the fight. While you can choose the crowd favorite, you’ll need to bet more to win the same baseline money. Betting on the underdog is risky since no one expects them to win, but you get a significant payout if they do.

Before picking your winner for the Moneyline bet, consider factors such as:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of each fighter
  • Overall health, including injuries and prep to meet the weight class
  • Match conditions and their previous fighting record

Placing a Moneyline bet is a great way to dip your toe into MMA matches if you’re new to the sport. You don’t have to know detailed stats about each fighter, and it’s easy to look at their match history and predict a winner without considering specific stats. You can even check the bookmaker’s odds before you make your pick.


In ball games, the over-under refers to the point total of a game. For MMA matches, the over under refers to the total rounds. The sportsbook creator will set the number of rounds they expect the fight to go before someone wins. You can bet over or under on that, depending if you think a fighter will win quicker or stretch out the match.

If the bookmaker sets the rounds at two, you can consider all the above factors for each fighter and estimate how long you think the match will go. If you think both fighters are at the top of their physicality and the fight will go three rounds, you’ll bet over it. If you’re right, you’ll win back your money plus the margin the bookmaker put on the bet.

You might need help placing a bet for evenly-matched fighters based on the odds alone. Though draws are rare in MMA matches, some bookmakers allow you to bet on this outcome, so you don’t have to choose a winner.

Round Betting

Round betting takes the idea of the MMA over-under wager a step beyond. You’ll bet which fighter will win in a specific round. You have more at stake than choosing the fight’s winner or how many rounds it will last. Round betting is similar to a parlay—you must pick correctly for both bets to win anything from round betting.

You can estimate round betting by looking over a fighter’s history. Look for patterns in their winning matches and how many rounds each has gone. You can also look at the bookmaker’s odds to see the easy answer and what bet will give you a bigger reward.

Winning Method

The winning method bet means you must understand each fighter’s approach to a match. You have to pick the victory to win this bet, so you’ll choose from three options:

  • Knockout
  • Submission
  • Judge decisions based on the score

While you have a limited chance to win this bet, you don’t have to decide who will win, so you have some leeway. You can predict the method of victory without placing money on an individual fighter. If you know the fighters’ stats, it’s not difficult to pick a winning plan based on their match history. 


A parlay allows you to bet on multiple matches with one bid. This approach is an efficient way to bet on numerous fights within one weekend. You can pick two fighters to win their matches and if they both win their respective fights, you get a high payout. 

This bet has some risk because you must get all your choices correct. The more matches you bet on within one parlay, the more you need to get correct. You could bet on four matches with one parlay, but if the second one of your picks loses, you forfeit all chances of winning. However, if all your picks win, the exponential rewards are worth it.

Don’t parlay a bet if you don’t feel confident about your knowledge of each participating fighter because one wrong move can cause you to lose it all. Parlaying your bets can pay off if you know a lot about all the fighters participating in a group of matches, and you can use this knowledge to make the best choices of winners in each match.

Futures Markets

Futures markets allow you to bet on upcoming matches and overall categories. You can pick who will be the champion at the end of the year or who will earn a title belt. The odds are high for futures betting, so make sure you know enough about each fighter and can place an educated bet.

How Are MMA Betting Odds Calculated?

Bookmakers will set the odds, but understanding how to calculate odds for MMA matches will help you maximize your potential winnings.

When you see odds, you’ll see a positive number. This figure shows how much you’d win if you bet $100 on a match. For example, if you bet on the underdog, you’ll see odds such as +200 or +300. If a fighter has +200 odds, you’ll bet $100 and get a $200 profit if that underdog wins.

Negative numbers indicate that fighter is a favorite. The negative number is how much money you have to bet to receive $100 if that fighter wins. If the favorite fighter has odds of -200, you have to bid $200 to win $100 at the end of the match. You’ll receive your money back, getting $300 total when the fighter wins, but it’s still a lower profit than bidding on the underdog.

You need to consider these odds before placing a bet, along with the information you know about each fighter. If the underdog hasn’t won a match in recent history, it’s risky to bet $100 on him, even if your payout would be a massive reward. You’re more likely to lose your initial bet.

In that case, betting on the favorite is a better choice. You’ll put more down initially and make less of a profit, but you have a higher chance of winning. If your bets are successful over time, you’ll have more credits to use for online sportsbook bets and can start taking some more risks with the odds.

What Sportsbooks Offer Online Betting on MMA Fights?

Though you can legally bet on sports online in New Jersey, you want to vet the platform to ensure it’s legitimate. You also want to register with a user-friendly sportsbook that is easy to navigate when you’re on the go, so you can place bets while watching a game with friends or hanging out at the bar.

These online sportsbooks are some of the most reliable platforms available:

Some of these names might sound familiar, as they have physical casino locations in New Jersey and Las Vegas. Others are online-only, meaning you can bet through their website or mobile apps.

BetMGM is one of the most popular online sportsbooks because it offers bets on every sport. You can choose from basketball, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, tennis, and golf. You can bet on championship leagues, college games, and special bowls. When you sign up to bet on MMA matches, you can access special bonuses to make your first bet without using your money.

BetRivers offers an online casino along with the sportsbook, so you can use your funds for several varieties of gambling. The site and app partner with Rush Street casinos, meaning you can sign up for the rewards program and use it across all of their other online casino locations.

Caesars is a huge name in the casino world, and their sportsbook has the same stellar reputation. While the app is basic compared to other offerings, it’s user-friendly and easy to navigate without getting distracted by unnecessary information. The most important parts are the impressive odds and bonus offers.

DraftKings is a popular online sportsbook option across the nation. If you live in New Jersey and want the thrill of live betting, DraftKings provides the right outlet. You can place bets for major prizes and level up your online sportsbook experience. 

FanDuel is one of the most user-friendly online sportsbooks due to its simple app. This platform is for you if you like special features like a same-game parlay. You can place picks for several MMA matches and get a huge payout when your fighters win.

PointsBet is the best online sportsbook app if you’re looking for special promos, even when you’re an established member. Getting a bonus when creating your account is standard, but PointsBet keeps the free credits rolling in for all the major MMA matches.

How To Start an Online Sportsbook Account

Choose the online sportsbook platform that best suits your gambling style. You can test several of the above options since most offer a new account bonus that lets you place a bet without losing your own money.

Either visit the provider’s website on your computer or download the app to your phone or tablet. When you pull it up, you’ll have the chance to create a new account.

Most platforms let you create an account with your email address, though you can also use a Yahoo Sports account. For BetMGM, you can use your MGM Rewards account if you have one through casino and resort visits. Some options also let you sign in using your PayPal account. If you can use an existing account for a sportsbook profile, it will save time in the long run.

Linking an existing account means the betting platform will auto-populate your profile based on the data from your other information. If you don’t connect accounts, you’ll need to input your home address, banking information, and the last four digits of your Social Security number. This detailed information helps prevent identity theft and proves your financial ability to place bets.

You’ll have to make an initial deposit before betting, even if the platform gives you free money for a match. Link your PayPal account, use a bank transfer, or connect your credit card to add money to your account. You can place a bet with your money or the initial bonus. When you win rewards, you’ll see that money in your account to use on later matches.

Withdrawal methods vary according to the platform. The most common options include bank transfers and PayPal. You can cash out when you need the funds or if you decide to stop betting through the online sportsbook.

What Are the Online Betting Restrictions in New Jersey?

Like any casino in New Jersey, people using online sportsbooks must be at least 21 years old. While there are no restrictions regarding the platform you use, do your research to verify that it’s a reputable outlet. 

If you’re in financial trouble or think you’re gambling too often, you can get help from official New Jersey outlets. Ensure you’re following responsible gaming regulations, and reach out for help from any major resources if you’re struggling.


Online sportsbook bets simplify your gambling process. Though New Jersey has physical casinos, you don’t have to leave the couch to place bets on MMA matches. You can hang out at home or with friends and still have the ability to bet on multiple aspects of each fight. Use any online sportsbooks listed above for a user-friendly MMA betting experience.