Bet On College Football Games Online in New Jersey

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College Football Saturdays are a tradition in many households. Grads love to support their alma maters and cheer on a new crop of recruits to a big season. Whether you are watching a Week 3 matchup or the Rose Bowl, a legal wager on the game adds extra drama and excitement to the game.

So how do you bet on college football games online in New Jersey and what kind of wagers can you make? We will give you all the knowledge so you can make your first wager on NCAA football with confidence.

How to Bet on NCAA Football

Before you place any money down on a college football game, you should familiarize yourself with the lingo and jargon casinos use. There is a bevy of terms, and we will teach you what everything means.

New Jersey Rules

Before we look at gambling terms, we should cover a few specific rules New Jersey has about wagering on college football. College athletics have various laws depending on the state you are betting in.

New Jersey has some of the most restrictive laws when wagering on college sports. While you can make wagers on the outcome and player props, you may not gamble on any colleges native to the Garden State. 

Additionally, you cannot bet on any game taking place within the state. For instance, if two New York teams are playing a neutral-site game in New Jersey, you cannot make a bet on any part of the game. 

Point Spread

The point spread is the most popular way to gamble on football. If you have ever heard a gambler talk about covering the spread, they were talking about the point spread. The point spread seeks to give gamblers even odds whether they are betting on the favorite or the underdog. In essence, it is easier to bet on the underdog and more difficult to pick the favorite. 

Let’s look at an example to better illustrate how a point spread works. No. 3 Alabama is hosting a visiting Vanderbilt team. Alabama is one of the top teams in the nation and is firing on all cylinders offensively and defensively. The Commodores are struggling this year and the casinos have very low expectations for them. The casinos heavily favor the Crimson Tide in the matchup and believe they will cruise to a victory.

When you open your sportsbook app, you will see the casinos list Alabama as -45. -45 means the casino thinks the Crimson Tide will win handily. 

If you wager on Alabama with the point spread, you will need the team to win by 46 or more points for your wager to be a success. If ‘Bama wins by 45 points, you get your initial wager back;  if the team wins by 44 or less, you lose your money.

On the opposite side is Vanderbilt with odds of +45. If you picked Vanderbilt you only need them to keep the score from getting too ugly. If Vanderbilt loses by 44 points or less, you win.

The return on any point spread wager is around 90 percent of your initial wager in winnings. A point spread seeks to even the playing field between two teams. 

As such, you will get a nearly even return no matter which team you choose to back. If you want to take home a big payday on a heavy underdog, you will need to make a riskier moneyline bet. 


Picking the moneyline is simpler than a point spread. When you take a team with the moneyline, you are picking which team you believe will win the contest. There are no gimmicks or safety nets with a moneyline bet, you just need to pick the winner. The trick to getting the most out of moneyline wagers is to understand how the odds work.

Let’s look at another example to illustrate how casinos write moneyline odds. In this scenario, the No. 5 Michigan Wolverines are visiting the No. 8 Penn State Nittany Lions. Both squads are strong this season, with Michigan slightly ahead of Penn State. 

The Nittany Lions have the benefit of playing at home in Happy Valley. A casino will consider these odds and see that the game should be close and Penn State is slightly favored. 

The Casinos may write the odds for Penn State as -126. Negative odds indicate how much money you need to wager to win $100. In this scenario, you need to wager $126 to make $100 back in profit. 

The Wolverines have odds of +112. Positive odds indicate how much money you stand to win if you wager $100. +112 means you will win $112 if you wager $100.

You do not need to bet $100 when using the moneyline, but all wagers will follow the same ratio. 

Prop Bets

Prop bets concern wagers you make that do not account for the result. We have two categories for prop bets: game props and player props.

The most popular game prop bets are over-under wagers on the point total. In a point total over-under, you must determine if the two teams will combine to score more or less than a specific number of points. 

Over-under wagers are almost always written with decimals to ensure no ties. So you may see a point total over-under as 45.5 meaning you need to determine if the teams will combine to score 46 or more or 44 or less.

There are other game props as well, including how many passing yards a team has or the number of interceptions in the span of the contest. 

Player props deal with a player hitting a statistical threshold. A casino may list an over-under for a running back to run for more than 125.5 yards and you need to determine if they will get more or fewer yards. 

Live Betting

Just because you missed the opening kickoff does not mean wagering is over. Oddsmakers adjust the odds throughout the game to match the ebbs and flows of the action. In some instances, you can make wagers up to the last second.

Live betting is a smart choice if you sense a comeback coming for a team that goes down early. You will get very favorable odds on the team and may be able to win a bet that otherwise would have been a longshot pregame. 


Parlays take the concept of high-risk, high-reward to a new level. Parlays are multiple single bets you combine into one bet slip. Parlays are more difficult to predict correctly, but you get a bigger payday if you hit one.

For example, you may build a three-leg parlay of Penn State winning straight up, Michigan State covering the spread of +11.5, and Ohio State and Purdue combining for more than 56.5 points. 

If all three of these bets are right, you will take home a bigger payday than if they were separate, but if just one leg of the parlay fails, you lose all your initial wager. Parlays are all or nothing.


If you do not like wagering on a single game, you can make futures wagers. Futures concern an entire season. 

Team futures usually deal with a team’s record or having a bowl game at the end of the year. You need to determine if a team will have more wins than the number the casino sets. You may also wager on which team will win a conference at the end of the day.

Player futures concern who will win awards. The most prestigious award in college football is the Heisman Trophy, and you will find plenty of action on sportsbooks to predict the Heisman winner. 

You typically make futures wagers at the beginning of the season, though many sportsbooks will open up betting throughout the season. The odds will continue to shift as front-runners for awards emerge and teams showcase their power.

Where To Bet on College Football Games Online in New Jersey

Now that you understand the basics of wagering on NCAA football, we will look at a few of the most popular sportsbooks in New Jersey. 


BetRivers is the official sportsbook of the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. BetRivers offers frequent odds boosts on every sport.


FanDuel is another company that began by offering daily fantasy sports. Today, they are one of the biggest sportsbooks in the country and partner with several professional sports leagues. 

List of All Online Sportsbooks in New Jersey

There are plenty of online sportsbooks that can handle your needs no matter what sport you choose to gamble on.

Is It Legal to Bet on College Football Games Online in New Jersey?

Yes! It is not only legal but easy to bet on sports in the Garden State. New Jersey blazed a trail that other states followed by being the first to legalize online sports betting. The legislature expanded online gambling in 2012 with A2578 and opened the state up even further in 2018. The 2018 law allows companies to open up shop in the state and offer gambling services. 

Who’s in charge of gambling in New Jersey? The Division of Gaming Enforcement handles all gaming in the state to ensure it is fair and above board. The DGE is part of the Attorney General’s office.

Who can bet on sports in New Jersey? Anyone presently in the state and over 21 may legally make a wager. You do not need to be a resident of New Jersey, but you must be physically present when making a wager. All sportsbook apps use geolocation to pinpoint your location. You must verify your identity when you create an account on a sportsbook.

Tips for Betting on NCAA Football

So, you know what everything means and where to bet, and now you want to make your first college football wager. We have a few tips for you so you can bet on college football games online in New Jersey with confidence in your money.

Always set a limit and stick to it. Do not wager more than you can afford to lose. There are no sure bets in sports; so there is no sense in wagering everything on one game. Diversify your gambling, and do not bet too much on one game. 

Information is critical when it comes to betting on college football. You will never compete with the casinos in knowledge and resources, but you can give yourself a fighting chance by gathering as much intel as possible. Follow beat reporters on social media to get the team’s pulse and hear about any injuries.

Only use verifiable information. Check with reputable reporters both locally and nationally when you hear a rumor. You shouldn’t make bets based on random tweets or Facebook posts you come across. 

Do some research of your own on historical trends and matchup history. Survey the injury report to see if any key players may be sitting out for one side or another. 

Do not get discouraged by a loss. Losing is part of sports betting, and even the best gamblers have their share of losses. You need to know how to deal with your losses and avoid going on tilt. 

Conclusion: Bet on College Football Games Online in New Jersey

Making responsible wagers on college football is an excellent way to add some skin to the game and make your NCAA watching even more enjoyable. A bet adds extra drama to a matchup of two random teams or your alma mater. 

If you’re interested in making a wager, why not try out any of the sportsbooks we listed here and make your first bet today?