Bet on Baseball Games Online in New Jersey

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Baseball is America’s pastime, and few things are as relaxing as watching a ball game on a sunny summer afternoon.

If you want to add some extra drama to watching your favorite team’s game in the dog days of summer or want to increase the stakes of the World Series, you may want to try betting on the games! 

How do you bet on baseball games online in New Jersey, and what does all the terminology mean? We will tell you everything you need to know so you can make your first bet safely and with preparedness. 

How To Bet on Baseball Games Online in New Jersey

Before considering placing a wager on an MLB game, you should know the terminology. Understanding the jargon gamblers use will help you make smart choices on a sportsbook app.

Run Line

The Run Line is similar to the concept of a point spread in basketball and football gambling. Betting with the Run Line makes it easier to pick an underdog and riskier to pick the favorite. Of course, the odds adjust to counteract these changes. Let’s look at an example so you can better understand how a Run Line works.

In our example, the Pittsburgh Pirates are coming to town for a matchup against the New York Mets. The Mets have ace pitcher Jacob deGrom on the bump, and they have been on a hot streak as of late. The Pirates, meanwhile, have struggled this season and have average pitcher JT Brubaker dealing. The casinos think New York is a definite favorite.

In this scenario, you may see the casinos list the Pirates Run Line as +2.5. Any odds with a plus sign indicate an underdog or less likely outcome. In this scenario, the casinos think the Pirates will lose by two or three runs. If you bet on the Pirates Run Line, you do not need them to win the game. The Pirates can help you win money if they lose by two runs or less.

The Mets will have a Run Line of -2.5. If you take the Mets with the Run Line, they not only have to win but must defeat the Pirates by three or more runs. 

Bets with the Run Line do not have as varied odds as moneyline wagers. The winnings you receive for a successful wager are around 90 percent of the total wager. If you wager $30 on the Mets in this scenario, and they win, you will take home around $27 in winnings. These numbers fluctuate but generally stay around this range. 


A moneyline bet has no safety net for underdogs but fewer hurdles for favorites. When you pick a team with the moneyline, you are choosing who will win straight up with no gimmicks. 

The trick to betting with the Moneyline is to understand the odds and find the action where you think you have an edge. We will use another example to demonstrate a moneyline in a practical environment.

The New York Yankees are paying a visit to the City of Brotherly Love to take on the Phillies in a battle between the National and American Leagues. The Yankees have one of the highest-paid MLB players, Gerrit Cole on the bump, while the Phillies have a formidable hurler in Zack Wheeler starting. Sportsbooks think this will be a close game that either team can win but slightly favor the hosting Phillies.

Philadelphia has a moneyline the casino lists at -135. -135 means you need to bet $135 to win back $100.

The sportsbooks give the Yankees a moneyline of +142. +142 tells you that if you wager $100 and the Yankees win, you will receive $142 in winnings. 

You can bet any amount using the moneyline, but it will always follow the same ratio. Finding a moneyline you think gives you the best odds is the key to being a capable sports bettor. 

Prop Bets

Prop bets cover a variety of wagers that do not directly concern the outcome of the game. Gamblers typically lump them into two categories: game props and player props. The most popular prop bets are over-under bets, though MLB fans will find many others at various sportsbooks.

The most common prop bet is a point total over-under. When making a point total over-under bet, you need to determine if the two teams will combine to score more runs than the threshold the casino sets. If the casino sets the point total at 7.5, you need to predict if there will be fewer runs than 7.5. 

The over-under possibilities are not relegated to just run totals. You can make wagers on how many hits a team has, the total home runs hit in a game, or how many steals occur overall. 

Other game prop bets are not over-under, but rather yes-or-no questions. You could pick if a game will go to extra innings, or if a pitcher picks a player off at first. 

Player props involve picking a player to cross a statistical threshold. You may pick Shohei Ohtani to throw more than 10 strikeouts in a game, or bet that Jose Altuve will steal a base during the game. 

Live Betting

Just because the opening pitch is passed does not mean the action on a game ends. You can make wagers up to the last out with live betting. You may see live betting referred to as in-game betting by some sportsbooks.

As the game goes through its momentum shifts and ebbs and flows the oddsmakers will adjust the lines to suit what they have seen. If one team is piling on runs, they will increase the Run Line and decrease how much the moneyline is worth. Live betting does not affect bets you have already made.

Clever bettors can find extra value in making live bets. You may choose to bet on a team that is down early if you believe they have a comeback in them.


Parlays allow you to take the risk up a few notches while increasing your potential winnings. Parlays take a lot of luck to win, but the payouts get massive the more legs you include.

So what are parlays? You make a parlay by combining multiple single bets into one slip. For example, you may make a bet slip that has the Mets winning straight up, the Yankees covering the Run Line of -1.5, and Pete Alonso driving in two or more runs. 

If all three of those outcomes are correct, you take home a payout that dwarfs the winnings if each bet was separate. But if any leg of the parlay is incorrect, you do not get your winnings and lose your wager. It is a high-risk, high-reward wager.


If you are looking for wagers involving more than just a solitary game of baseball, you may enjoy futures. These gambles cover the entirety of the season and you typically make them before the regular season kicks off. Like prop bets, you can bet on teams or individual players.

Team futures typically deal with the number of wins a team will put up during the year. You can take the over or under on a win total and check in at the end of the season to see if the team hit the goal. 

Team futures can be more binary as well, including picking a team to make the playoffs or win its division. 

Player futures typically revolve around the end-of-season awards. If you think Aaron Judge is due another MVP, you can put money down on him capturing it. Or if you think the Cy Young Award is going to Max Scherzer, you will find plenty of action on that. 

Where To Bet on Baseball Games Online in New Jersey

There are plenty of places to wager money on MLB in the Garden State. Here are some of our favorite places to bet on baseball games online in New Jersey.


FanDuel began life as a daily fantasy site but has added a sportsbook in recent years. The company has exploded in popularity and is now one of the most popular sports betting sites in the country.


BetRivers is the official sportsbook app of the Rivers Casino. BetRivers often offers weekly special odds boosts on its offerings. 

List of All Online Sportsbooks in New Jersey

If you are getting started betting in the Garden State, you are in luck. There are 15 online sportsbooks to choose from, each with varied odds and new player bonuses.

Is It Legal to Bet on Baseball Games Online in New Jersey?

Yes! New Jersey was a trailblazer for online gambling, and many states can thank it for allowing the growth of sports betting. The first piece of legislation that allowed for online gambling was A2578 in 2012. The state went further in 2018, opening up the flood of sports betting we see today.

The Division of Gaming Enforcement oversees gambling in New Jersey. The DGE is an arm of the Attorney General’s office. 

Any person over the age of 21 who is present in New Jersey can bet on baseball games online. You do not need to be a resident to make wagers. When you sign up for any of the sportsbooks, you will need to verify your identity. Each time you use the apps, you will need to enable geolocation to ensure you are in New Jersey.

Tips for Winning Big on Baseball

If you are ready to place some wagers on the baseball season, we are excited for you. Here are a few tips we have to try and help you win more than you lose.

Always bet what you can afford to lose. Do not chase your losses, and do not be afraid to take a break from betting if you feel yourself going on tilt. There are no sure bets in sports, and you should not wager your entire bankroll on a single bet. 

Keep up to date on any new information you see concerning a game you want to bet on. Things are always changing in the world of baseball, with players going to the injured list and missing games because of rest. 

Before making a wager, check historical trends, recent records, and weather conditions. You may find that an athlete plays poorly against a certain team or in specific weather circumstances. Knowing when a player typically shines is the perfect way to get an edge in the casinos.

Only use verifiable information when making decisions. Follow the reporting of local beat reporters rather than something you saw a random account tweet about. Local reporters often have the best connections and feel for a team.

Do not get discouraged by losses. You will often lose bets, but do not let it put you on tilt. Losing is part of gambling, and knowing how to deal with losses will make you a better player. 

Conclusion: Bet on Baseball Games Online in New Jersey

Whether you want to turn a regular season game into a nail-biting epic or take a playoff game to the next level, sports betting is an excellent way to enjoy baseball. Keep your bets reasonable, and you will surely have an exciting time watching America’s pastime.

If you are interested in sports betting, consider checking out any of these sportsbooks and making your first wager.