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Review of Caesars Online Sportsbook in State of NJ

With so many online sportsbooks on the market, it can be challenging to sift through the choices, figuring out which ones are legal in New Jersey. Caesars Sportsbook is a registered sports betting company for all adults visiting New Jersey that are 21 years and older.

We’re not about to claim that Caesars is the best online sportsbook, as there are several great contenders in New Jersey. But it gets an A+ from us for its legitimacy, payout speed, and bonuses.

So, we’ll share our unbiased New Jersey sports betting review on Caesars Sportsbook. Along the way, we’ll point out where Caesars excels and falls short, a must-know Caesars Sportsbook bonus code, and what to expect from their customer service if you need support.

An Overview of Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars is a big-name gambling company that operates several types of casinos and gaming options in states where it’s legal. So, if you’re looking to do online sports betting in New Jersey with the backing of an established business, Caesars is worth considering.

Admittedly, Caesars’ online sportsbook doesn’t have as many sports choices or outstanding features as its online casino. Nonetheless, its platform is easy-to-navigate and gets the job done if you’re looking for the flexibility to choose from many different betting styles on some classic American and international sports.

Furthermore, Caesars Sportsbook is an official NFL betting partner, giving customers peace of mind that they’re in reliable hands. Caesars also offers Reward Credits that, while somewhat difficult to obtain, can result in some potentially lucrative possibilities.

Caesars Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

Caesars offers a unique welcome bonus to first-time customers. You can wager up to $1,500 on your first bet without any risks. 

Should you win, you’ll get to keep your winnings as you usually would. And if you lose, you’ll be able to apply whatever amount up to $1,500 you wagered on your next bet. 

As with any sportsbook platform, there are some caveats to consider. For starters, you must be using Caesars Sportsbook online while physically in New Jersey. It also must be your first time signing up for a Caesars Sportsbook account, and you must place your bet within 30 days of registering.

If you lose your bet, Caesars will return your money in the form of a single bet credit that you must use within 14 days. That means you can’t break up your initial betting money into smaller chunks to use with two or more bets.

You’ll also need to use the Caesars Sportsbook bonus code “CZR15” to redeem this welcome bonus. So, don’t miss this opportunity for a risk-free bet before placing your first wager.

Caesars Promotions

At this time, Caesars Sportsbook only lists their welcome offer on their promotions page. However, it’s common for Caesars to offer a rotating variety of promotions opportunities that you can take advantage of on a near-daily basis.

Examples of some of the promotions they’ve advertised include:

  • Odds boosts
  • Booster tokens

The downside to some of Caesars Sportsbook’s promotions is that they often require higher-than-average upfront capital. Whereas you might need to wager at least $50 to become eligible for some of Caesars’ promotions, several other online sports betting platforms in New Jersey often offer promotions with lower wagers.

In addition to keeping your eye out for frequent promotions at Caesars, below are a couple of other promotional opportunities.

Caesars Rewards Points

Caesars Sportsbook offers a unique opportunity to earn Caesars Rewards points when you play on their app. Every time you wager, you can earn these points, which will give you the chance to redeem them for cash and perks at Caesars’ many properties worldwide.

The equation for earning Caesars Rewards is simple, albeit it can take time if you’re not playing with a high bankroll. You’ll receive one reward credit for every $10 you wager on Caesars Sportsbook.

But here’s the catch: You must wait until you accumulate $10 in points before being able to withdraw the cash or use it at Caesars’ properties.

Since $10 is equivalent to 1,000 rewards credits, you’ll have to wager a massive $10,000 before being eligible to redeem your Caesars Rewards.

Needless to say, unless you plan on betting with a lot of money, Caesars Rewards likely won’t be enticing enough to make the difference between you choosing Caesars or another online sport betting company.

But as you’ll soon learn, being a Caesars Rewards member automatically makes you eligible for lower rates on Caesars’ experiences.

Refer a Friend

If you start using Caesars Sportsbook and love the experience, you might have friends and family that are ready to jump on board. In that case, we encourage you to request a referral link from Caesars.

For every friend you refer that signs up with your custom link and deposits at least $50, you’ll receive a $100 bet on the house.

If you’re tallying up the money that you could earn with all the friends you know, keep this in mind: Caesars puts a cap on offering the free $100 bets for your first ten referrals.

Do You Need a Promo Code With Caesars Sportsbook?

When Caesars promotes a bonus or promotion on its website, it usually comes with a Caesars Sportsbook bonus code that you must redeem before being eligible for the offer.

The good news is that they don’t make these codes hard to find. Simply look at the finer (but not super fine) print beneath the advertisement to find it.

So, whether you’re looking for New Jersey Devils sports betting promo codes or a daily Caesars Sportsbook bonus code, keep your eye on Caesars Sportsbook’s website for the latest offerings.

All About the Caesars Loyalty Program

The best online sports betting sites often provide a VIP loyalty program, but Caesars takes a slightly different approach. Their Caesars Rewards program is the closest thing they offer to a loyalty program, and it primarily benefits people betting with large bankrolls.

Nevertheless, you’ll be eligible to have exclusive member rates by being a Caesars Rewards member, which involves earning rewards points by wagering using their app. For example, you can use your Caesars Rewards to book a room at over 50 of Caesars’ hotels for rates starting as low as $10.

Remember, though, that you’ll need to wager a minimum of $10,000 to get the equivalent of $10 in points.

If you want to increase how fast you earn Caesars Rewards, aside from wagering, you have the option to sign up for a Caesars Rewards Visa Credit Card. Their Visa card comes with five reward credits for every $1 spent on Caesars resorts and casinos and one or two rewards credits for all other purchases.

In our opinion, the Caesars Rewards program is a nice perk for some customers. But it would be ideal if they offered a more attainable VIP program like certain other online sports betting platforms.

The Point Caveat

When you earn online reward credits by playing at Caesars Sportsbook, they don’t automatically move to your Caesars Rewards account. It’s silly, we know.

Instead, you have to convert these points and transfer them to your Caesars Rewards account. You can learn more about this on Caesars’ earn and redeem page.

Types of Sportsbook Sports

At this time, Caesars has the following nine sports in their sportsbook:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Horse racing
  • Auto racing
  • Boxing/MMA
  • Virtual Racing

We won’t sugarcoat this situation—Caesars has a much smaller selection than certain other online sportsbooks you can sign up for in New Jersey. However, that doesn’t mean it still isn’t the best online sportsbook. Most people are only comfortable betting on what they know, and the sports above are some of the most widely recognized in the United States.

Furthermore, within each sport, there are many leagues and types of betting you can place on them. That means there are more wagering opportunities and ways to stay engaged than may initially appear.

New Jersey-specific Sports Bets

It’s no secret that New Jersey doesn’t have a lot of pro sports teams. Furthermore, it’s illegal to bet on games that New Jersey colleges play, including any teams playing on NJ’s territory.

Nevertheless, below are some New Jersey and nearby state teams that you may want to root for and bet on at Caesars Sportsbook if you want to showcase your New Jersey pride.

  • New Jersey Devils (NHL)
  • New York Giants (NFL)
  • New York Yankees (MLB)
  • New York Liberty (WNBA)

Bet Type Options at Caesars

The sports betting odds you’ll receive at Caesars Sportsbook depend on various factors, including the bet type option you choose. Luckily, Caesars offers nine choices for wagering, ranging from basic options for newbies to more advanced betting techniques.

Parlay Bets

Parlay sports betting involves making multiple different bets within a single bet. The benefit is that the reward will be higher if you win. But the downside is that it’s harder to win since the sport’s outcome must meet all stipulations within your bet.

Point Spread Bets

Point spreads can be complicated for beginners but a favorite of many seasoned bettors. The idea behind point spreads is calculating the margin of victory into your wager based on a “+” and “-” system. 

Moneyline Bets

It doesn’t get any more straightforward than moneyline bets, where you’ll guess which team will win. Positive odds correspond with the underdog, whereas negative odds are the team people expect to win.

Teaser Bets

Teaser bets involve several point spreads. The difference is that you’ll adjust the line with the hope that it’ll favor multiple wagers you make. All your point spread bets must happen for you to win a teaser bet.

Over/Under Bets

Some people call over/under wagers a “totals” bet, given that the purpose is to bet on the total score of a game based on the sum of both teams. It’s a simple concept but easier said than done.

Live Bets

If you missed the chance to wager on your favorite game before it started, Caesars Sportsbook offers you a live betting option, where you place a bet on a short or long-term outcome during the game. Most commonly, live wagers are for short-term moves, such as who will score the next point.

Round Robin Bets

Round robin wagers are the concept of placing three or more bets. But unlike parlay, you only need to get one of your bets right to win money. Nevertheless, the more bets within your combined bet you win, the more money you’ll earn.

Prop Bets

You’ll have many options to wager prop bets at Caesars, which involves making a bet on a designated part of a game. For example, you might want to place a prop bet on a specific player or team’s performance.

Futures Bets

Up until now, all the betting options we’ve talked about that Caesars offers are for current or upcoming games in the near future. However, they also offer the option to make futures bets long before you’ll know the outcome. An example is betting on the winner of the NHL before the hockey season even starts.

How To Sign Up for a Caesars Online Sportsbook Account

Signing up for an online Caesars sportsbook account is a breeze. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Fill out an account registration.
  2. Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Type in the last four digits of your social security number.
  4. Deposit your first funds using the bonus promo code.

If you win money while playing at Caesars online sportsbook and want to cash out, you’ll need to complete a verification process.

We’ll talk more about this process shortly. But for now, know that it’s vital to provide Caesars with your accurate personal details to prevent hiccups when you take out your money.

Keep in mind that Caesars works in several states throughout the U.S. where gambling is legal. Therefore, it’s crucial that you select the correct state according to where you’ll be playing. We assume you’ll be playing from New Jersey since you found us here, so make sure the “You’re in New Jersey” icon shows before signing up.

The good news is that if you accidentally set Caesars Sportsbook to the wrong state, the page may come up as an error until you correct it, thanks to GPS tracking.

Using Caesars on Mobile Devices

Although the Internet is in its infancy, relatively speaking, Caesars isn’t—they have more than 80 years of experience in the gambling world, with people placing more than one million bets daily.

You can download Caesars’ app on your iOS or Android device. Installation is fast, and if you’ve already set up an account with Caesars Sportsbook, you can input your login details when the app prompts you.

Otherwise, you can sign up for Caesars on the spot via their app.

Personally, we don’t find Caesars’ app to be the best sports betting app on the market in New Jersey. It gets the job done, but it feels a little clunky to use and doesn’t have the friendly user interface we’ve seen with other online sports betting companies.

We think the reason for this is that Caesars wraps its casino and sportsbook service into a single app. In fact, they even call their app “Caesars Casino.”

They’ve clearly put a lot of work into developing the casino side of their app, so we hope to see improvements to their sportsbook in the future. Ideally, they’d create a separate app for their sportsbook to make it even easier for users to navigate.

How To Bet on Your Phone

Since Caesars Sportsbook isn’t among the best sports betting apps, we’ll give you an overview of betting from your phone or tablet so that you can more easily learn to navigate it.

For starters, you’ll need to leave the online casino, which is the first page that will pop up when you log in. You’ll find the sportsbook under “Sports” at the top portion of the app.

Caesars will offer you links to some popular sportsbook options, including trending games, live games, and featured leagues. You can use the left sidebar to adjust how they display the odds according to your preference.

Once you’ve chosen the bets you’d like to participate in, head to the bet slip, located in the bottom right-hand corner of the app. You can then choose the bet style for your wager, followed by clicking on “Place bet.”

Other Mobile Caesars Sportsbook Options

Caesars Sportsbook makes it easy to do your banking from your phone. So, you can make a deposit or request a withdrawal. You can also see the status of any bonuses you may have.

Should you have any questions about your account or a bet when you’re on the go, you’ll be able to contact Caesars’ customer service on the spot by clicking on the question mark button.

A Look at Caesars’ Transaction Speeds

Caesars Sportsbook strives to make near-instant transactions when you place a bet, knowing that every millisecond counts. They use high-end technology to ensure they offer bet transaction speeds faster than any human could perform.

Additionally, you can expect your deposits to clear quickly in your account and payouts to have an above-average speed, especially in comparison to many offshore sportsbooks.

Caesars’ Banking Options 

Caesars is among the best sports betting sites for offering legitimate and secure payment methods. That said, they only work with fiat, so you won’t find cryptocurrency banking options if you’re used to using offshore sportsbooks.


You can make your deposit at Caesars Sportsbook via eight methods, including:

  • Credit card (Visa and Mastercard)*
  • Online bank transfer
  • PayNearMe
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer
  • ACH e-check
  • Caesars pre-paid card (Play+)

You can also visit one of Caesars’ locations in New Jersey if you’d prefer to deposit money in cash.

*Caesars permits Visa and Mastercard deposits if TD Bank or Wells Fargo issue them.


You won’t have as many withdrawal options with Caesars Sportsbook, but this isn’t a reason to turn away from them; it’s common for online betting platforms to offer fewer withdrawal choices.

So, before deciding whether Caesars is the right fit for you, make sure you’re comfortable receiving potential winnings via one of the following withdrawal methods.

  • Online bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Play+

Undergoing the Verification Process

Any sports betting New Jersey platform customers must undergo a verification process by law. There are several reasons for this, including ensuring that you’re at least 21 years old, preventing fraud, and deterring money laundering.

The process you’ll complete is Know Your Customer (KYC), a widely used and trusted third-party verification platform. You’ll need to share several personal details with KYC, including your full name, address, and date of birth.

They’ll also ask you for a copy of a government-issued ID such as:

  • Driver’s license 
  • Passport
  • Voter ID card
  • Birth certificate 

You can complete the KYC process before you even start betting at Caesars Sportsbook. We recommend completing KYC as early as possible so that if and when you’re ready to withdraw any potential winnings, you can do so without having to wait for KYC verification.

Quality of Caesars’ Customer Support

The only way to contact Caesars Sportsbook is via live chat. There are benefits to this, given that you’ll have a paper trail of answers to your questions that you can refer to. However, some customers understandably enjoy having a conversation over the phone.

Nevertheless, you can expect a fast response from Caesars’ knowledgeable customer service agents. When you fill out a request for live help, they’ll ask for the following information:

  • State your account is in
  • Name
  • Email
  • Rewards number (optional)

Remember, you can contact customer support via Caesars’ app in addition to their desktop website.

Is Sports Betting Legal in New Jersey?

Yes, sports betting is legal in New Jersey. You must be at least 21 years old to wager and pass a verification process before being able to withdraw any potential winnings.

That said, betting on collegiate sports in New Jersey isn’t legal. But betting on all other teams and wagering styles, such as sports betting parlay, is okay.

Resources To Help You Navigate Caesars

We’re impressed with the depth of information that Caesars Sportsbook provides on its website to help new users orient themselves.

Starting with the how to bet section of their website is an excellent opportunity to learn or expand your understanding of sports betting. They break down their bet explanations according to the sports they offer, making it even easier to have a fast learning curve.

Another great resource they offer is their Sports Betting 101 guide. Here, you’ll learn about the different types of bettings (if you need a refresher from what we covered) and have a glossary of sports betting terms.

For example, did you know that “chalk” means “the favorite?”

By taking a peek at these best online sports betting practices before embarking on your Caesars journey, you’ll set yourself up for less confusion and more fun.

Caesars’ Social Media 

Keeping up-to-date on Caesars Sportsbetting’s social media pages is an excellent way to see what’s new and engage with other sports betting fans.

You can keep up with Caesars via the following mediums:

Doing so is also an excellent way to learn about any promotions they might be running. That’s especially helpful if you’re the type of person that lets your inbox fill with thousands of unread emails!

In-person Caesars Sportsbook

Although we’ve been focusing on Caesars’ online sportsbook, it’s worth noting that they offer a full-service sportsbook and sports betting kiosks at the following five locations in New Jersey:

  • Caesars Atlantic City (Atlantic City)
  • Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City (Atlantic City)
  • Monmouth Park Sports Book by William Hill (Oceanport)
  • Ocean Casino Resort (Atlantic City)
  • Tropicana Atlantic City (Atlantic City)

There, you can place bets and make in-person cash deposits or withdrawals. It’s essential to bring identification and know the answers to your account information, though, for they have many security measures in place for your protection.

A Note on Responsible Gaming

Like all of the best sports betting websites that run legal operations in New Jersey, Caesars Sportsbook offers a comprehensive overview of the importance of responsible gaming. They emphasize that their sports betting services are for entertainment purposes only.

That said, they recognize that some people fall victim to compulsive gambling. Signs that you might have a sports betting problem include:

  • Inability to stop betting
  • Hiding your betting habits
  • Chasing losses by betting more

Caesars Sportsbook takes gambling addictions seriously. They offer several ways to help their customers manage compulsive betting behaviors, including:

  • Setting deposit limits
  • Limiting time spent betting
  • Cool off limits
  • Self-exclusion

In addition to requesting the free strategies above from Caesars, they encourage people to contact the Problem Gambler’s Hotline. You’ll have access to this confidential, free service 24/7.

FAQs About Caesars Sportsbook

If you still have questions about Caesars as you search for the best site for sports betting based on your needs, we’ve rounded up answers to some common inquiries.

Figuring out how odds work in sports betting depends on the system you use. Caesars Sportsbook offers the choice to select from the three primary odds types: Moneyline (American), Decimal (European), and Fractional (British).

Yes, Caesars has its proper New Jersey licensing, allowing it free reign to operate there. Anyone 21 years and older that’s within New Jersey state lines can play at Caesars online sportsbook, regardless of whether they’re a New Jersey resident.

No, you don’t have to download an app to play at Caesars Sportsbook. Instead, you can play online via their desktop website. Many players enjoy switching between their desktop and mobile devices when they’re at home and on the go.

The amount of time it takes to receive a payout from Caesars Sportsbook depends on your chosen withdrawal method. Typically, you can expect your payment to process within five business days of initiating the request.

Any winnings you may receive from Caesars Sportsbook are often taxable. We encourage you to visit the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS’) website for details on how to pay taxes for sports betting wagers. Remember to also check state laws regarding betting according to your state of residency.

One of the most common reasons customers can’t withdraw any winnings they may earn from Caesars Sportsbook is that they haven’t completed the KYC process. Should you still have issues, reach out to Caesars’ customer support, for they may have blocked your account if they suspected suspicious activity.

Aside from their sportsbook, Caesars offers an online casino, World Series of Poker, and SuperDraft. You can access all of these subcategories from your sportsbook account.

The Bottom Line

New Jersey online sports betting is a growing industry thanks to its pro-gambling laws. Caesars Sportsbook has harnessed this opportunity, offering a small but powerful selection of sports for people to bet on with a company they trust.

We believe that Caesars would be a contender as the best app for sports betting if they developed a separate app for their sportsbook. But they have so many other great qualities that it’s impossible not to seriously consider them as fit for your sports betting service needs.

If you’re still on the fence about Caesars Sportsbook, below is a rundown of what we covered.

The Good

  • Selection of widely recognized sports in the U.S.
  • In compliance with New Jersey laws.
  • Reputable banking methods.
  • Over 80 years of experience.
  • Generous welcome bonus.

Areas for Improvement

  • The sportsbook and casino are part of the same app.
  • High wager requirement for many promotions.
  • Lacking less popular sports choices.

Should you decide that Caesars Sportsbook is the right sportsbook platform for you, why not sign up today? The process is easy, and you can fund your account quickly so that you can get to betting placing a bet on your favorite upcoming game.

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