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PointsBet Sportsbook New Jersey

Have you ever found yourself enjoying a Detroit Red Wings game and wishing you had bet them to win? Or have you ever felt like you knew who would win the MVP Award in the NBA and wanted to make some money off your prediction? Well with the influx of legalized sports betting in New Jersey, you can now do that with several sportsbook apps.

One of the most popular online sportsbooks today is PointsBet New Jersey. If you want to make a wager on the upcoming big game, PointsBet New Jersey is a smart choice.

In this article, we will look at what the app does, what kind of wagers you can make, who can gamble in New Jersey, and any new user promotions the app is running. 

What Is PointsBet New Jersey?

PointsBet is an Australian company founded in 2017. Since its founding, it has moved into the United States as parts of the country have relaxed gambling regulations and allowed for legal sports betting. 

Aside from offering traditional sports betting, PointsBet also allows users to try a new format known as Points Betting. The site also has several casino games, such as slot machines and table games for users to try out. 

What Is Offered by PointsBet New Jersey?

Like most gambling apps, PointsBet New Jersey gives users access to its sportsbook and traditional casino games. We will mostly focus on the sportsbook side of the app, but we will briefly discuss the casino side as well. 


The PointsBet New Jersey sportsbook has the typical offering of single-game bets as well as futures. But the company has introduced a unique gimmick to single-game bets with their innovative Points Betting system.  

Points Betting

Traditional wagers with a sportsbook are an all-or-nothing type of bet. Either the outcome comes true and you win, or the game goes the other way and you lose your wager. For an approach to gambling that has more outcomes than just win or lose, PointsBet created the Points Betting system. 

Points Betting adds even more stakes to a wager and keeps things interesting until the clock hits zero. Instead of just relying on a simple outcome, Points Betting pays out more depending on how right you are. But be careful, as it also means the more you are wrong, the more you have to pay out. Let’s look at an example.

For the first Detroit Lions game of the season, you might see a Points Betting wager that QB Jared Goff will throw for 250 yards in the game. If you wager $1 on it, you will either pay out if he throws for under 250 yards or make a profit if he goes over that mark. 

In this example, if Goff throws for only 175 yards, you would be on the hook to pay $75 in the loss. But if Goff throws for 300 yards, you would make a profit of $50 on your $1 bet. 

While the risks and rewards are much greater, this method of betting also keeps the whole game interesting. Now even garbage time of an NBA game can be the difference between you paying out or making a profit.

Single-Game Bets

Single-game bets through PointsBet are most of the standard fare. You can bet on the outcome of the game through a point spread or the money line. Users are also able to wager on if a score will be over or under a set total, and you can wager on players meeting a certain statistical threshold.

Gamblers can combine wagers on multiple games to create a parlay bet. These types of wagers have big payouts, but require every part of the bet to come true to payout. For example, you might be on the Red Wings to win, the Lions to cover the spread, and the Tigers to score over five runs. If all three outcomes hold, you will have a big payday. 


Futures are bets that cover a whole season. For instance, you may place a wager on Cade Cunningham taking home the NBA’s Most Improved Player Award. Or you could wager that the Detroit Lions will make the playoffs or win their division. 

Casino and Table Games

Outside of the sportsbook, PointsBet has various slot machines and table games for users to partake in. Table games include blackjack, poker, baccarat, and roulette. The site also offers live table games and video poker. 

Is Gambling Legal in New Jersey?

Gambling has been legal in New Jersey since several bills were signed into law in late 2019 and early 2020 by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. The two primary laws that paved the way for sports betting and online casinos were the Lawful Internet Gaming Act and the Lawful Sports Betting Act.

Residents of New Jersey who are over 21 are allowed to gamble in person or online.

How Do I Place a Wager with PointsBet New Jersey?

To begin betting on PointsBet New Jersey, you must create an account. When signing up for the account, you must provide information to confirm your identity and age. Once the app has confirmed your identity, you will submit to geolocation to determine whether you are currently in New Jersey. Once you meet these parameters, you can begin placing wagers.

How Do I Deposit Money and Cash Out?

You can deposit money into the app through credit or debit cards, e-check, prepaid PointsBet cards, or online banking. Cashing out is done through e-checks or prepaid cards.

What Are the New User Promotions?

PointsBet offers two risk-free bets to those who sign up for a new account. The first bet is worth up to $1,500, and the second is worth $500. That means you can wager $1,300 on your first bet, and if the outcome isn’t what you hoped for, you get your money back and can try again.

Conclusion: PointsBet New Jersey

With so many sportsbook apps, it can be hard to know which ones are reliable and easy to use. Luckily, PointsBet New Jersey is both safe and contains an easy-to-use interface. Users can choose the sportsbook or the casino, and the unique PointsBetting system is open for anyone to try.

Gambling is legal for all residents of New Jersey over 21 years old as of a few years ago, and you can get started in a few minutes. Download the app or visit the PointsBet New Jersey site to confirm your identity and get started.

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  • Featured Slot games like Wheel of Fortune
  • Multiple Video Poker and other Table Games
  • Easy mobile-friendly design
  • Different Promo options for new players