How To Play Texas Hold ‘Em Online in New Jersey

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Play Texas Hold’Em Poker Online In New Jersey

Texas Hold ‘Em professional Doyle Brunson has called the card game the greatest contest known to man. Millions of people have attempted to master the deceptively simple game, and it remains one of the most popular table games in casinos worldwide.

If you want to play Texas Hold ‘Em, but do not want to venture to a casino, you could consider playing the card game online. There are many ways to play New Jersey online poker and many tables to gamble at. 

So, how do you play Texas Hold ‘Em, and what is the best NJ online casino? We will answer all that and more for you.

How Do You Play Texas Hold ‘Em?

Texas Hold ‘Em is a simple game on its surface, but there is surprising depth to the match of wits. We will give you a brief overview of the rules and strategies of the game, but experts have written entire books on the topic. If you want to be the best poker player you can be, you will need a lot of practice to match the professionals. 

The dealer gives you two face-down cards to begin every round of Texas Hold ‘Em. These are your hole cards, and only you should know what they are. 

The dealer will reveal five more cards on the table face-up called the community cards. Any players remaining at the end of the round will show their hole cards and use a combination of community and hole cards to make the best five-card poker hand. The player with the best hand wins the pot.

The basic flow of the game is more complicated than the last paragraph indicates. Before any cards are dealt, two players will have to pay money. These players are known as the big blind and small blind. 

The small blind pays half the minimum bet, and the big blind antes the minimum bet. Casinos use blinds to keep players in the action. These blinds ensure that a player cannot sit at a table without paying for a long period of time. The blinds shift after every hand, and the small blind is always the next player to be the big blind.

After each player receives their hole cards, an initial round of betting takes place. Players go around deciding if they want to discard or fold their cards or make the minimum bet to stick around in the hand. 

Players may also raise the minimum, and everyone will have to pay additional money to see the community cards. The big blind does not have to put in additional money unless someone raises the pot.

With the initial round of betting out of the way, the dealer reveals three cards, known to gamblers as the flop. Another round of betting plays out similarly to the first round. 

After the flop, players may choose to check. When you check, you are not paying any money and passing the action to the next player. If every player remaining in the pot opts to check, nobody will have to pay to see the next card. When one player bets, all remaining players must either match the wager, fold or raise to a higher amount.

When the betting around the flop concludes, the dealer reveals another card, the turn. Players indulge in another betting round before the final card, the river, is played. After one last round of betting, every player remaining will determine the winner by who has the strongest hand. Gamblers call the finale to a poker hand the showdown phase.

If a hand only has one player remaining before the end, that player takes the entire pot. You can accomplish this feat with strategic bets or smart bluffing. Hands at local games often go to the showdown phase, but it is rare to see many showdowns in professional settings. 

Texas Hold ‘Em Hand Rankings

Many new players find it confusing to keep the various poker hands straight by ranking. Here is a handy list so you know the strength of hands, from worst to best: 

  • High card
  • One Pair
  • Two Pair
  • Three of a kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Full house
  • Four of a kind
  • Straight Flush
  • Royal Flush

Where to play NJ Online Poker

If you want to play Texas Hold ‘Em, New Jersey is the king of online poker. Now that you know the rules and flow of the game, we will look at some of the best places to play online poker in NJ.


World Series of Poker, or WSOP, has been serving New Jersey since 2013 and is one of the most popular online poker sites in the state. The site has some of the largest cash game pools in the state, and it shares a player base with several sites in Nevada, including WSOP Nevada and 888 Poker Nevada. 

There are always cash games on offer, and you can pick a table with blinds that meet your budget. Whether you want to bet with pennies or Benjamins, you can find an active table on WSOP.

If you want to play in a bigger event, WSOP offers frequent tournaments for players with huge prizes at the end. 

Instead of taking a piece of your bankroll into the game like with cash games, tournaments have buy-in, and every player begins on equal footing. Tables condense as more players go broke until just one player is left standing. Of course, there are prizes for those who place high enough but don’t win.

WSOP offers several new-player and current-player bonuses, so be on the lookout for them if you play poker at this site.

Borgata Online Poker NJ

Borgata is another site that has provided poker to New Jersey residents from the very beginning. As such, it has one of the most loyal and diverse fanbases in online poker. Borgata shares a player pool with playMGM and Partypoker NJ. 

In addition to playing Texas Hold ‘Em, you can also play 7-Card Stud, Pot-Limit Omaha, and Omaha Hi-Lo on Borgata. 

Borgata runs seasonal tournaments that draw many players to the online service and the casino. The company also runs qualifying tournaments online for a chance to play in the big games at the casino.

PokerStars NJ

PokerStars is one of the only companies to survive poker’s notorious Black Friday. Today, the company is perhaps the best-known brand for online poker in the country and sees a heavy share of players daily. The New Jersey site is newer to the scene than most, opening in 2016. 

Since PokerStars was one of the original real-money poker sites, it has some of the simplest-to-use user interfaces and is a perfect place to start for new players. You will see tables with blinds of only a nickel, giving you a good chance to try out your skills before moving to larger pots and tables.

Gamblers in New Jersey best know PokerStars for its frequent tournaments. If you love the thrill of tournament poker, PokerStars is perhaps the best place to get your fix. 

888 Poker NJ

888 Poker is another company that offered online poker early in the Garden State, dating back to 2013. 888 Poker is smaller than some other poker sites on this list, but it still sees plenty of action.

888 Poker has a partnership with WSOP, and the former develops software for the latter. As such, 888 Poker hosts many WSOP-sponsored tournaments year-round. There are also tournaments every Sunday with big prizes always up for grabs. 

888 Poker has a limited offering in terms of games. You can either play No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em or Pot-Limit Omaha. 

Online Texas Hold ‘Em NJ Gambling Laws

New Jersey was the first state to allow for legal online poker after the crackdown from the federal government in 2011. Thanks to the legislature passing A2578 in 2012, online poker became a mainstay in the Garden State.

The Division of Gaming Enforcement oversees all gambling in the state, including online poker. The DGE works for the attorney general’s office. 

Anyone over 21 who is physically present in New Jersey can gamble. You do not need to be a resident of the state. When you sign up for a poker app, you will have to verify your identity. 

Tips for Playing Online Poker NJ

Now that you know how to play online Texas Hold ‘Em in New Jersey, we have a few tips to help you get started.

Start small and play at tables with little blinds to get a feel for the game. Poker pros and bigger fish know how to win, so avoid them when learning the ropes and getting up to speed.

There are many books about poker theory. Consider taking a course on Texas Hold ‘Em, or watch YouTube videos to better grasp the nature of the game.

Avoid going on tilt. If you dramatically lose a hand, it is better to walk away to cool off and refocus. 

Conclusion: How to Play Texas Hold ‘Em Online in New Jersey

Texas Hold ‘Em remains one of the best games ever made and is incredibly simple to start. If you are interested in trying your hand at this noble game, consider following one of the links to create an account and deposit money. Who knows, you could become the next WSOP champion with enough practice.