What is Micro Betting? How does it work?

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Micro-betting is a new variety of sports betting that allows you to make wagers on the tiniest aspects of a game. If you have ever wanted to make a wager on a single play or moment rather than the entire game, micro-sports betting may be what you are seeking.

But what is micro-betting, and how does it work? We have all the answers for you and more. So sit tight, and we will get you gambling in no time.

Micro-Betting Explained

A common complaint we see gamblers levy against sports betting is that it takes too long for the wager to settle. A poker hand goes by in seconds, but sports take hours to finish. To counteract this, we have micro-betting.

So what is micro-betting? Micro-betting or micro-sports betting is any wager you make on a specific play or short event during a game. Instead of betting on how many points a football team will score in the entire game, you may just bet if the team will score a touchdown on a drive. You could also bet on if a golfer is going to make par on the upcoming hole. Many sports are conducive to micro-betting.

Compared to traditional sports gambling methods, micro-sports betting is fast-paced and relentless. The sportsbooks are constantly shifting the odds, and those new to sports betting may want to stick to more traditional methods before trying out micro-betting. 

If you plan to try out micro-sports betting, you need to be able to focus on both the game and your sportsbook app at the same time. 

Micro-bets do not use point spreads or over-under totals like other wagers. They all focus on a simple binary choice of something happening or not. With no complicated spreads, it makes understanding the nature of your bet easier when micro-betting.

Micro-betting allows you to keep active longer and make several bets throughout a game. More action can lead to a big payday or sizable loss if you compile incorrect predictions. 

What Sports Can I Micro-Bet On?

No matter what sport you are into, there is likely a micro-bet possibility waiting for you. We will look at many of the popular micro-betting sports and tell you how to wager on them.


No sport has the same hold on the American psyche as football, and you can get in on the action with micro-betting. The stop-and-start nature of NFL action means you will have plenty of time to place micro-bets before the next play.

You could place a wager on if the next play from the offense is a run or pass attempt. With so many snaps during a football game, you will have ample opportunity to make several micro-bets in a matchup.

If you want something a little slower-paced, try a micro-bet on the result of a drive. You can bet on if the offense will score on its next possession. Predicting drive results is a little more reliable than a single play.

Another NFL micro-bet is on field goals. Predict if a kicker will make his next kick or miss it. 


The fast-paced and frantic nature of basketball means you will need to be quick on the trigger if you want to micro-bet. Most sportsbooks do not offer much action for NBA micro-betting, but you can predict if the next field goal will be a two or three-pointer. If you are just starting, we recommend making micro-bets after a timeout or other break in the action.


Golf moves at a relaxed pace. Golfers move from each hole at their speed, and they take several hours to finish a round. This slow nature means golf is one of the most popular micro-betting opportunities for gamblers.

You can place a wager on the outcome of any hole before the golfers take their first stroke. You can predict whether a golfer will make par, shoot a bogey, or get a birdie. 

If the golfer has a partner, you can wager on which player will have the best performance on the hole. You can also predict the hole will be a draw, which is the most common outcome and has the lowest payouts. Picking a specific golfer to have fewer strokes will give you a bigger payday, but it is harder to predict correctly. 


At the height of the tennis season, there is always a tournament happening, making it perfect for those looking for consistent action on a sportsbook. You can wager on who will win the next set or point.


Hockey is another fast-paced sport like basketball. The speed of the game makes micro-betting opportunities limited. However, NHL fans will still find plenty of micro-bets waiting for them at the sportsbook.

Sportsbooks will offer you a prediction on if a goal will be scored within a designated period. You may pick between a goal or no goal in the last ten minutes of the first period, for instance. The random nature of hockey scoring makes these closer to dart throws than informed wagers, but they will appeal to NHL fanatics. 


Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, though it does not carry the same cultural weight in America. Still, soccer fans in America have several options for micro-betting on the international sports sensation.

You can wager on which team will make the next goal or choose for there to be no goals through the rest of the contest. You can also wager on how many corners a match will have in a set period. 

Is Micro-Betting the Same as Live Betting?

Micro-betting is a form of live betting, but micro-sports betting differs from traditional live betting formats. In live betting, the casino adjusts the odds as a game plays out to match the ebbs and flows of the contest. If one team pulls ahead substantially, the casino will favor that team by more points. Live betting allows clever gamblers to get in on a blowout if they feel a comeback in the air.

Micro-betting also relates to wagers you make during a game, but micro-bets do not concern the outcome of the game. Instead, these wagers cover a specific play or period. Prop betting is a similar concept to micro-betting, though prop bets usually concern statistics a player accumulates through the entire game. 

What Sportsbooks Offer Micro-Betting?

Micro-betting is a relatively new invention, so not every sportsbook will have them on offer. You may need to shop around depending on your state, but these are some sportsbooks that carry micro-bets.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings began its life as a daily fantasy site but has expanded to offer a robust sportsbook. The site has some of the most generous new player bonuses on the market. 


Another site that started with daily fantasy, FanDuel is now one of the hottest sportsbooks in the country. The company partners with several professional sports leagues.


BetMGM is the official app of the MGM Grand casino in the Mecca of gambling, Las Vegas. If you want to spend your money with one of the most iconic Vegas casinos, consider BetMGM.


BetRivers is the official sportsbook of the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This sportsbook was one of the first in the country following the legalization of sports betting in select states. 

Pros of Micro-Betting

  • Fast-paced
  • Always new action
  • Keeps you invested in every play and moment
  • Potential for multiple wins in a row

Cons of Micro-Betting

  • Easy to lose track of spending
  • Hard to predict
  • Potential to clear out bankroll quickly

Micro-Betting Tips

If you are interested in micro-betting, we have a few pieces of advice for you so you can make the most of your money. 

The most critical thing to do before participating in micro-betting is to set limits and stick with them. If you place micro-bets in rapid succession, you will quickly drain your bankroll and spend more money than you decided to. Always have a limit in mind, and do not risk too much money on these wagers. Remember to only gamble what you can afford to lose.

Many micro-bets are akin to coinflips. For instance, if you micro-bet on a football game, you may choose to bet on whether the next play is a run or pass. While there are situations where the play call is seemingly obvious, like third and long, it is difficult to know what a team will do on first and ten. Trying to accurately predict this outcome is difficult and you should treat it as a guess rather than an informed choice.

If you are new to micro-betting, consider avoiding high-octane sports like basketball or hockey. You may want to stick with an event the athletes play at a leisurely rate. Golf is a perfect sport for beginners, as you will have ample time to make choices and get a feel for the process. 

Conclusion: What Is Micro-Betting and How Does It Work?

Micro-betting is a new way to play and helps keep you invested in every play in a game. Many popular sportsbooks offer micro-sports betting opportunities for both new and experienced gamblers. 

If you want to get in on the action, consider signing up for a sportsbook in your state and joining the fun.